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Brian Brijbag enjoys weight lifting and working out. This picture shows Brian Brijbag working out his chest.

Brian Brijbag started his personal fitness journey in October 2009. During a Halloween party help a few days before the 30th, Brian looked at all the candy and decided it was time to make a change. Since that moment, Brian's fitness levels have fluctuated as health has played a key role. A back injury at work, and a more recent auto accident involving a drunk driver, have caused Brian to find himself regressing and starting anew. Yet fitness is not a season but a lifestyle. Even throughout the injuries, Brian has maintained strong fundamental beliefs about health that have allowed him to regroup and move forward with ease. This page is part accountability and part instruction as it is a place for Brian to share what works for him.

Brian Brijbag's personal gym is Lift More Fitness in Spring Hill. Lift More is serious about fitness.
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